Male 37° to Male Metric, 90° Elbow

Part Number Size
24-48-37M6 24-48
10-18-37M6 10-18
10-20-37M6 10-20
10-22-37M6 10-22
12-22-37M6 12-22
12-27-37M6 12-27
14-26-37M6 14-26
16-27-37M6 16-27
16-33-37M6 16-33
4-12-37M6 4-12
5-10-37M6 5-10
5-12-37M6 5-12
5-14-37M6 5-14
6-14-37M6 6-14
6-16-37M6 6-16
8-16-37M6 8-16
8-18-37M6 8-18
4-10-37M6 4-10

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