Male Pipe to Female Pipe Swivel 45° Elbow

Part NumberSize
24-24-PSU-5 24-24
32-32-PSU-5 32-32
16-12-PSU-5 16-12
16-16-PSU-5 16-16
20-20-PSU-5 20-20
12-12-PSU-5 12-12
12-16-PSU-5 12-16
6-8-PSU-5 6-8
8-6-PSU-5 8-6
8-8-PSU-5 8-8
12-8-PSU-5 12-8
2-2-PSU-5 2-2
4-4-PSU-5 4-4
4-6-PSU-5 4-6
6-4-PSU-5 6-4
6-6-PSU-5 6-6

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