Agricultural Fittings



Agricultural Fittings

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Whether you are in need of standard SAE fittings or custom made agricultural fittings, L & L can provide both excellence in service and manufacturing. The founder of L & L, Mr. G. T. Lyons, came up with the innovative copper brazing process that provides a leak free joint. L & L continues to create innovation in the field of agricultural fittings and finds new ways of providing a quality, long lasting product at an affordable price.


Uses for Agricultural Fittings

There are several agricultural fittings available from L & L including:

Dryseal Pipe Fittings – L & L provides dryseal pipe fittings that are good for low pressure agricultural uses. These pipe fittings are commonly used as a part of irrigation or drainage systems. Dryseal pipe fittings can be connected via a threaded or slipknot connection and are held in place by the pressure of the two pipe ends when placed together. This type of fitting is strictly used in low pressure settings and is not recommended for a high pressure hydraulic system. Dryseal pipe fittings are one of the more commonly used agricultural fittings.

37 Degree Flair Fittings – For higher pressure systems, SAE and ISO standard flair fittings are often utilized by L & L, usually in cooperation with copper piping. Flair fittings are stronger, so they are mostly found in high pressure systems like a pressure washer hose or refrigeration system used in dairy storage and transportation. Non-standard flair fittings are also available and we can work with you to customize your agricultural fittings to fit your specific needs.

Flairless Fittings – We offer a full range of flairless agricultural fittings such as o-ring fittings, which can withstand the highest amounts of pressure. Flairless fittings with o-rings are used when fittings must be airtight, such as in systems used to transport hazardous chemicals like pesticides. Flairless fittings are designed to stand up to vibrational wear and tear while also being more convenient, as the fittings require less time in tube preparation.


Types of Agricultural Fittings

L & L uses a variety of different materials when creating SAE certified and custom designed fittings including:

Brass – Brass is a commonly used material for agricultural fittings because of its durability and ability to withstand the elements. Brass agricultural fittings are common in refrigeration systems because brass is resistant to cold. Brass is also affordable and easy to work with. Brass fittings tend to last longer against weathering and will not rust or corrode as quickly as other materials.

Plastic – Plastic or PVC is an inexpensive, flexible material that is suitable for low pressure systems. Plastic fittings can be found in irrigation or drainage systems. Plastic is not as strong as other materials, but it’s low cost and ease of use makes it simple to replace as the fittings become worn out.

Steel – Steel is a frequently used metal in agricultural fittings due to its durability and ability to withstand pressure. Steel is often mixed with another material, such as carbon, to create a lightweight yet sturdy agricultural fitting. Steel fittings can be found in everything from tractor engines to grain elevators.

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is used as a fitting material in systems where corrosive materials are present. Stainless steel is resistant to oxidization and other forms of chemical corrosion, making it a good material for systems like gas pumps and pesticide hoses. Stainless steel fittings are also strong enough to withstand the intense pressures experienced in hydraulic systems.


Who Needs Agricultural Fittings?

The standard and custom agricultural fittings available from L & L are designed for a number of systems in both rural and urban agricultural settings. Our fittings are suitable for a number of agricultural proprieties including orchards and groves, dairy farms, cattle ranches and greenhouses. Our agricultural fittings can be found in everything from farm equipment and machinery to garden hoses and sprinkler systems.

L & L can work with you to find the right type of fittings for your unique agricultural needs. Our experts are constantly researching new ways to create safe and efficient fittings that hold strong, resist weathering and cost less. L & L utilizes a thermal deburring method when manufacturing fittings that provides a smooth, even surface devoid of flaws or excess particles. This allows for a better hold and will create a stronger airtight seal.

L & L can work with you to provide custom made agricultural fittings that are specially designed for your business’s specific needs. Our experts use the latest computer aided drafting technology to create customized hydraulic fittings. All that is required is a sketch of the proposed fitting with a list of your specifications and the amount you will need. Within 24 hours, we will get in contact with you regarding our quote and will help you go over the project in detail to ensure you receive quality service. We will work fast to ship the agricultural fittings you need on the same day that you ordered them, including custom orders in some cases.

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