Construction Pipe Fittings



Construction Pipe Fittings

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Whether you are in need of standard tools or more complex products, L & L Fittings Mfg. is the right place to shop when it comes to construction pipe fittings. Not only has L & L paved the way for fittings manufacturing, but its founder, G.T. Lyons, was even the first businessman to patent, as well as perfect, the much-used copper brazing process. Since its inception, the process has been used to establish leak-free joints and to join steel together.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date drilling equipment for your own construction fittings, L & L also utilizes a thermal deburring process that is known for its emphasis on safety. The process totally eliminates sharp edges and hanging burrs that are common during the machining process. L & L Fittings also has the newest and best machinery so construction fittings are completed in record time with the best product quality.

Uses for Construction Fittings

Many construction fittings are used in residential and commercial properties. The purchase of a new home is one of the biggest investments you will make, so you’ll want to make sure that your construction fittings are of the utmost quality.

Construction fittings include a wide range of fittings that serve many different purposes. These fittings are often customized according to the needs and specifications of the client. Standard formwork fittings used in civil construction may include clips and wedges, assembly pins, soldier clips, tube clips and channel clips.

Construction fittings may also be used for electrical materials, which are the parts used to complete any type of electrical construction project such as the circuiting in a small home or the entire electrical system of a large industrial plant. Electrical materials usually come in the form of fittings, circuit breakers, lugs, motor controls, conduits, enclosures and lighting.

Types of Construction Fittings

Types of construction fittings will vary depending on what the fitting is being used for. However, many construction fittings are electrical, pipe fittings or even metal fittings.

Electrical wire may be drawn copper, metal or aluminum that carries electricity through an electrical circuit. The wire may be run underground, overhead or through a conduit. Wherever the wire is run through, it is always protected with an electrical jacket. Electrical connectors are lugs, which are used to terminate the electrical circuit. Lugs may be composed of aluminum, copper or bronze.

Glass construction fittings are another type. Over the years, glass fittings have improved greatly thanks to advancements in technology and durability. Most glass fittings are decorative, but are made of various designs to be compatible with whatever they are being installed into. Glass fittings are unique compared to electrical fittings because although they have distinctive functions, they may also be used for display purposes.

Glass construction fittings are also usually very modern in style and function, which allows them to be used in many different ways. Glass fittings are often strengthened with other metallic parts that enhance durability and can often serve as replacement parts that may have traditionally been made from wood or metal only.

One such innovative use of glass fittings involves toilette implements such as special mirrors. To be properly fitted, the glass is usually preheated so that water vapor doesn’t settle along the surface, unlike standard mirrors that have cold panes. The pane in a special mirror, however, is touched in a black shade so that it can hold on to the sun’s rays and keep it dryer longer, making them ideal for conserving heat.

Who Needs Construction Fittings?

The right construction fittings are essential for maintaining the value of a property, whether it’s residential or commercial. This makes choosing the right fittings an extension of choosing the right investment. An improper electrical fitting, for instance, can negatively affect other construction fittings.

Fortunately, L & L offers quality assurance. The computer-controlled washing system for all parts eliminates all particles and contaminants from each part before it is ever coated or shipped. L & L also uses a clean lab to ensure cleanliness standards for all products and parts are met.

L & L’s Quality Assurance Department is approved by Ford International Truck and Engine, Gates Rubber Company, J.I. Case Co. and Bendix-Allied Signal. You an also rest assured that all employees are trained to use computerized on-line statistical techniques to ensure only the highest-quality products are produced. All machine operators are also quality inspectors.

Construction fittings will always be properly fitted thanks to an in-house gage certification that ensures proper measurements of all parts. It is because of this that L & L is a TS-16949 certified manufacturer. Thankfully, all parts can usually be shipped the same day the order is placed, if the item is in stock. If the part needs to be manufactured, it may still be able to be shipped within 24 hours.

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