Institutional Pipe Fittings



Institutional Pipe Fittings

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Whether you are in need of standard laboratory parts or more complex institutional products, L & L Fittings Mfg. is the place for you and your needs. Not only is L & L a trendsetter in the way of fittings manufacturing, but its founder, G.T. Lyons, was also the first fittings manufacturer to patent and perfect the much-used copper brazing process. Since its beginning, the copper brazing process has been used to establish leak-free joints as well as to join steel together.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date drilling equipment for your own institutional fittings, L & L also uses a thermal deburring process, which is known for safety and efficiency. The process gets rid of sharp edges that are often found during the machining process. L & L Fittings also uses the latest machinery to complete institutional pipe fittings in record time with the best quality products.

Uses for Institutional Fittings

Institutional fittings are used to create thousands of everyday products such as commercial lavatory and kitchen faucets, chrome-plated shower products, bed pan cleaners, remote control valves and outlets, residential bathroom products, ball and needle valve hose cocks and single service and mixing laboratory faucets. The purchase of a new home or new business property is one of the greatest and most important investments you will make, so you want to be completely sure that your institutional fittings are high-quality and are installed in a correct manner.

Institutional fittings may be customized according to the needs and specifications of the client. Knowing how you want a piece of property to function and what the everyday needs will be for the people using it are the primary factors for making decisions about institutional fittings.

Institutional fittings may also be used for electrical materials such as canopy fixtures, security systems, flood lights and street and parking lot lighting. It is also important to determine if you want environmentally friendly products to be used, and whether you are interested in LED downlights or LED fluorescent tube alternatives.

Types of Institutional Fittings

Types of institutional fittings will vary depending on what the fitting is being used for. However, many institutional fittings are electrical or plumbing based.

Electrical wire for institutional fittings may be drawn copper, metal or aluminum and carry electricity through electrical circuits. The wire may be run underground, overhead or through conduit. Wherever the wire is run through, it is always protected with an electrical jacket. Electrical connectors are lugs, which are used to terminate the electrical circuit. Lugs may be composed of aluminum, copper or bronze.

Institutional fittings for plumbing services were a huge part of the development of industrialized society, but today’s institutional fittings within the context of the plumbing industry are very heavily dependent on the new housing market, commercial and institutional construction, as well as replacement and renovation. Most plumbing fittings are constructed for residential use. Primary residential applications often include bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and gardens. Fixtures are also likely to complement various institutional, commercial and industrial plumbing systems. Most fittings, as well as fixtures, may be divided into one of four groups:

  • Traps, tubes and drains
  • Pipe fittings
  • Faucets and toilets
  • Shower fixtures.

These institutional fittings are usually created with manufactured metals used by the industry including copper, bronze, brass and iron.

Who Needs Institutional Fittings?

The best institutional fittings and fixtures are an integral part of maintaining property values, whether the property is residential, commercial or institutional. As such, choosing the correct fittings is very important. An improper institutional fitting can have a negative effect on other fittings in a property.

Fortunately, L & L offers quality assurance so you never have to worry about choosing the wrong institutional fittings. The computer-controlled washing system for all parts at L & L eliminates particles and contaminants from each product before it is shipped and installed. L & L also uses a clean lab to be completely sure that all fittings and fixtures meet the right cleanliness standards.

In addition, all employees are trained to use computerized on-line statistical techniques that ensure only the highest-quality products are created. All machine operators are also quality inspectors, so no part is ever of inferior quality. It is because of this that L & L is a TS-16949 certified manufacturer.

All parts can usually be shipped the same day the order is placed, if the item is in stock. If the part needs to be manufactured, it may still be shipped within 24 hours. L & L also ships daily to the majority of carriers. Shipping containers will come equipped with all the pertinent information and instructions needed for installation.

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