Military Pipe Fittings



Military Pipe Fittings

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L & L Fittings is a worldwide leader in manufacturing hydraulic military pipe fittings. It’s founder, G.T. Lyons, perfected and patented the copper brazing process, which is a revolutionary method of joining steel to create leak-free joints. Whether you need SAE standard military fittings or non-standard fitting configurations, L & L Fittings’ industry leading selection can accommodate your military fittings needs.

Hydraulic fittings are used extensively in the military. Hydraulic machines are the focal point of many military-related operations and are required for hydraulic military equipment such as: Suspension, Fuel systems, Jet engine control, Rocket and missile launcher control, Turret and gun drive, and Air refueling control

Hydraulic equipment utilizes fluid power to perform various types of machine-based work. Due to this fluid’s inherent pressurization, durable fittings are necessary to ensure the integrity of hydraulic machines.

Uses for Military Fittings

There are many types of hydraulic fittings used in the military, mostly related to variable pressures in differentiated military hydraulic equipment.

One commonly used fitting is the JIC 37 Degree Fitting. JIC fittings are defined by the SAE J514 and MIL-F-18866 standards as a type of flare fitting. JIC fittings are used extensively in extremely high pressure fuel delivery applications. JIC fittings are used in the military to connect hydraulic tubing to a control valve.

Two more commonly used military fittings are Metric Hydraulic Fittings and Metric to American Conversion Fittings. To obtain the best hydraulic machinery, the military often combines components manufactured in varied countries with different measurement standards. This creates the need for metric hydraulic fittings as well as metric to American conversion fittings. At L & L Fittings, we offer the very best in both of these types of military fittings.

Hydraulic adapters are another commonly used type of military fitting. We supply all standards of ISO, JIC, SAE, DIN, and Metric hydraulic adapters. Hydraulic adapters function to create compatibility between hydraulic components that are otherwise incompatible. Hydraulic adapters are particularly relevant in military fittings because military hydraulic systems require abnormally high levels of precision.

Types of Military Fittings

At L & L Fittings, we provide a variety of materials for military fittings. The type of material used depends on each fitting’s necessity for holding up to pressure as well as its environmental durability and cost effectiveness.

The most commonly used military fitting material is steel. Used in conjunction with L & L Fitting’s patented copper brazing technology, steel is the most leak-free and pressure resistant material available. Military applications for hydraulic fittings emphasize pressure durability. Jet engine control, air refueling control and fuel systems require very high levels of pressure sustainability.

Brass is another commonly used hydraulic military fitting. While brass is unable to sustain the same level of pressure as steel, it’s much less expensive and is very environmentally durable. For this reason, brass is useful in long term, high pressure hydraulic components. Militarily, brass hydraulic fittings are often used in naval applications as well as for less essential engine hydraulic components.

In conditions where there are corrosive materials present in fuel or other hydraulic systems, the use of stainless steel is required. Stainless steel is expensive and heavy, but is the only material that can withstand the types of chemicals present in many types of jet fuels and other aspects of military hydraulics.

Who Needs Military Fittings?

Our military fittings at L & L Fittings are suitable for use in a wide variety of military applications. Whether your fittings needs are SAE or custom, we have the experience and technical capability to provide you with the right military fittings at the right price. Our military fittings can be used in jet propulsion hydraulics, suspension, air refueling controls and any other military fitting application.

Hydraulic systems are essential for the success of militaries in the modern era. Hydraulic fuel injection is the most efficient form of fuel application for machines.

At L & L Fittings, we are receptive to Just-In-Time customers. We understand the need to meet manufacturing deadlines. For this reason, we are usually able to ship supplies we have in stock on the day of the order, and in some cases, we can manufacture and ship military fittings within 24 hours of order placement. We also personally package orders with care to protect against shipment errors and shipping related product damage.

Specialty Military Fittings

Beyond our standard military fitting product line, L & L Fittings is equipped to manufacture specialty military fittings. Simply send us a visual representation of the hydraulic junction you need a fitting for as well as its associated pressure, environmental durability and heat specifications. These custom fittings are available in plastic, brass, steel, stainless steel and a variety of other materials.

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