Steel Hydraulic Pipe Fittings



Steel Hydraulic Pipe Fittings

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Of all steel hydraulic pipe fittings used in plumbing and mechanics, hydraulic fittings are likely placed under the most pressure – and thus must be constructed of non-rusting, strong materials. Hydraulics use a heavy amount of pressure on liquid in order to run machine parts like actuators that are used in backhoes. However, as steel hydraulic fittings are specifically designed to be used in high pressure equipment, they are not well suited to be used in simple plumbing – they do not provide added protection against leaks or bursts. If you need fittings for hydraulic machinery, steel hydraulic fittings are your best bet.

Uses for Steel Hydraulic Fittings

In machinery, steel hydraulic fittings act in several general situations. For example, steel hydraulic fittings can be used to:

  • Form a bridge for multiple standards (face seals or pipe threads).
  • Allow for a rapid disconnection without modifying any valve or hose.
  • To improve space economy within the hydraulic machinery – allow for more curves and angles.
  • To attach additional hardware (such as a bulkhead).

In general, steel hydraulic fittings act as the connectors between larger parts of machinery such as cylinders, pumps and valves. As most fittings have at least two male connection ends, these larger parts (with female connection ends) are capable of connecting quickly to captive nuts and hoses.

Types of Steel Hydraulic Fittings

37 Degree Tube Fittings – This type of steel hydraulic fitting is actually the most frequently encountered type of fitting for connecting tubes. It can be quickly and painlessly fitted by using power tools or bare hands. The specific size of steel hydraulic fitting that you need depends on the size of the connections that will be made. 37 Degree Tube Fittings come with a variety of threads including male and female with NPTF or flared ends.

Braze Fittings – Braze fittings are steel hydraulic fittings that are brazed for shaped fittings. They are used in tube systems to connect multiple tubes. Braze fittings can be ordered with male and female connections – 37 degree and NPTF. The pressure rating of braze fittings depends entirely on the tubes and other parts used with the fittings. From L and L Fittings, you can also order the proprietary copper brazed steel hydraulic fittings that create joints that will not leak under normal operating conditions.

Who Needs Steel Hydraulic Fittings?

Anyone that is building or repairing a piece of heavy machinery that uses hydraulics will need steel hydraulic fittings if the existing ones are rusted or missing. The absence or wear on a steel hydraulic fitting can cause the heavy machinery to break down – wasting time, hydraulic fluid and likely causing more damage to the equipment. Some examples of equipment that uses steel hydraulic fittings include:

  • Semi-trucks
  • Excavators
  • Dump Trucks
  • Backhoes
  • Cranes

L and L fittings features a complete line of steel hydraulic fittings that you can use to connect hoses and pumps within hydraulic machinery. Fittings can be ordered in metric and standard measurements. If one of the fittings in our catalog does not meet your needs, simply send a sketch of the fitting that you need and it will be custom engineered to your exact specifications.

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